How to buy

How to buy

1. Choose products and put them in the product bag.

2. Review the product bag.

3. Enter the buyer’s data, choose the way of sending and payment and confirm the order.

4. Pay the order as soon as we send the confirmation of the order and account for the payment. 

The payment is performed by bank remittance or Paypal.


Delivery of products 

Delivery by Lithuanian mail. Products are delivered to the address indicated by you.

The delivery of products in Lithuania lasts for 2-3 working days.

The delivery of products to the Member States of the European Union lasts for 5-7 working days. The delivery of products to other states lasts for 7-15 working days.

2. Fast courier. A courier delivers products to your door.

The delivery of products lasts for 1-2 working days.


Return of products

1. Products can be returned within 14 working days.

2. Before returning a product, the buyer must inform the vendor by e-mail and indicate the reason for returning.

3. A returned thing must be fully completed. The buyer is responsible for full completion and package of the thing. Unless the thing is fully completed and properly packed, the vendor or its representative are not obligated to accept the thing for return.

4. The thing must be returned in the same package it was delivered.

5. The package must be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packed.

In case a non-qualitative product is returned, the vendor obligates to take the non-qualitative product and replace it with a qualitative one. Unless the vendor has an analogical product, the money paid for the product is returned to the buyer.