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Story about amber

A lot of Lithuanians asked about the rise of amber in the sea will tell you about the unhappy love of goddess Jurate and fisher Kastytis. When god Perkunas found out that a simple mortal son of Earth dared touch the water goddess, he threw a lightning and smashed an amber castle of Jurate in the sea and made her beloved Kastytis and his boat sink. Since then, the waves of the sea have been washing ashore fragments of the amber castle – amber.


Benefit to health

The Baltic amber contains the biggest amount of amber acids from all the types of amber found around the world.

Amber powder is used for face masks and massages.

Amber is used for censing, spirit infusions and teas.

Amber decorations are classified both to usual ones and ones for babies and... dogs.


Power of stone

It has been believed since the old times that amber brings union, harmony, mood, joy, beauty, health, love, physical strength, suit, peace.



“The stronger is an alcoholic drink, the more good features of amber – amber acid or oil – are extracted. This kind of infusion is good for different anointments and it is recommended to drip it into tea.

Moreover, amber tea is made. Amber must be brewed up with boiling water and kept for at least half an hour. Thanks to heat, it also emits valuable features. Then tea obtains a subtle taste of wood although not all people feel this taste.


How to recognize real amber?

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of salt to a glass or water, mix, allow the salt to melt and then add some pieces of amber. Real amber will come to surface and will not sink and plastic will sink onto the bottom very nicely.

The surface of your piece of amber should be rubbed with certain spirit solution. It can be simple vodka or perfume. If it is real amber, nothing will happen and if it is colophony or young resin brought from other countries of the world, an alcohol-soaked serviette will adhere to that piece and colophony or plastic will start melting.

You can take a hot needle and try to “pierce”. If it is amber, we will fail to make a hole as the minimum 370° temperature is necessary for that. If it is plastic or another imitation, we can “pierce” that piece.


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